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Hi all, it's been a while, because I had re-exams >:-( (but I'm quite
positive I passed ^__^ )

Ophthalmosaurus is next in line

general info: 4-5m long, 950kg
time: Callovian-Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian-Tithonian
fossil sites:  UK
                  US --> wyoming
                  Argentina --> Neuquen
                  Russia --> Undoria in the region Ulyanovsk


O.icenicus (type) Seeley, 1874 (? eyelizard)
O.discus (orig. Baptanodon) don't know author and date (? eyelizard)
O.monocharactus ? (?eyelizard)
O.rjabinini, Menner & Efimov, 1998 (Rjabinin's ? eyelizard)
O.undorensis  Efimov, 1991  (Eyelizard from Undoria)

Misassigned species

O.natans (swimming eyelizard)(orig. Baptanodon) = O.discus (I think)

Unnamed species

O.sp. (Argentina) = O.monocharactus
O.sp.(Wyoming) = O.discus (I think)
O.sp. (Russia) = O.rjabinini

mystery species

"O".cantabrigiensis (I don't know what this might be, couldn't find anything
about it)

Other names

Apatodontosaurus (I don't know the species, in fact the only thing I found
about this lad was that it should be an Ophthalmosaurus, don't which species
       = Ophthalmosaurus ?
Baptonodon discus
Baptanodon marshi
Baptanodon natans
Baptanodon reedi
Baptanodon robustus
       = O.discus (I suppose all Baptanodons are O.discus, since I don't
know any other American Ophthalmo's)
Khudiakovia calloviensis
       ?= O.rjabini

another question:
What are the features disicting the valid species from eachother?

Again correcting mistakes, translations, answers to questions are very

I hope to have published the site (in Dutch and in English) by the end of
the month.