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Re: Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi

At 17.25 07/09/2004 -0400, AAAAM49@aol.com wrote:
What is the veracity of this Dinosaur and it's claim to being the largest
found to date? In searching for information their is conflicting information
that a possible Tibia and Femur were found but perhaps they were fossilized tree
trunks. Has there been any conclusive determination on this find and the
possible type of dinosaur and it's claim to being the largest?

For what I know It was considered the largest CARNIVOROUS dinosaur, but this conclusion is wrong. Then it was considered to be part of the genus Titanosaurus, but this genus is now considered a nomen dubium. Probably is better to consider him a titanosauria incertae sedis. But I don't know if there are diagnostic characters in the preserved remains.