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Re: Human top speed record and the OG of animals

hmm I thought snow leopard jumped farther than puma, but that might be an
average, while this is a Puma record
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From: "Vladimír Socha" <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 10:12 AM
Subject: Human top speed record and the OG of animals

> Good day!
> Looks like there is a new world's best in human speed. Curiously, it
wasn't achieved by a sprinter but a long jumper. Cameroon's Ignisious Gaisah
ran at straith 45 km/h during his last(?) attempt in an olympic long jump
final. It wasn't confirmed yet, but if it will, it would smash previous best
by 1.5 km/h (43.45 km/h Donovan Bailey (CAN), 100 m dash final, OG in
Atlanta, 27th July 1996). Please note thisd is a top speed, not average
(average speed record-200 m final at the same OG, where Michael Johnson
(USA) ran a fabulous time 19.32 s. (10.35 m/s-37.267 km/h).
> Also, I read an interesting article recently. The main point of it is how
poor performance human athletes produce in comparison with some animals. See
the table below:
> Event         Animal            Human
> 100 m.    Cheetah 3.5 s.        9.78 s. Tim Montgomery (USA), 2002
> 200 m.    -"- 7 s.             19.32 s. Michael Johnson (USA), 1996
> 400 m.    -"- 15 s.            43.18 s. Michael Johnson (USA), 1999
> 800 m.    Antelope 35 s.     1:41.11 m. Wilson Kipketer (DEN), 1997
> 1500 m.   -"- 1:10 min.      3:26.00 m. Hicham El Gouerrouj (MOR), 1998
> 5000 m.   Ostrich 5:30 min. 12:37.35 m. Kenenisa Bekele (ETH), 2004
> 10000 m.  -"- 12:00 min.    26:20.31 m. Kenenisa Bekele (ETH), 2004
> Marathon  Kangaroo 1:30 hr. 2:04:55 hr. Paul Tergat (KEN), 2003
> High jump Puma (cat) 3.5 m.     245 cm. Javier Sotomayor (CUB), 1993
> Long jump -"- 15 m.             895 cm. Mike Powell (USA), 1991
> Not speaking about swimming! Fastest humlan swimmers achieved 2.4 m/s.
(8.64 km/h.), while a sword fish can exceed 110 km/h. Even Ian Thorpe would
look like a lazy dumb mollusc next to this fish (nothing against molluscs,
esp. Helix pomatia). I would be interested knowing how good would certain
dinosaur species be in comparison with human athletes. No doubt about
supremacy of ostrich mimics, like Gallimimus bullatus, but what about really
large theropods? Thanks, Vlad
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