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New refs on Psittacosaurus parental care

This is for all the ListMembers that are great Ornithischian fun as I'm:
_Qingjin Meng, Jinyuan Liu, David J. Varricchio, Timothy Huang and Chunling
Gao 2004 Parental care in an ornithischian dinosaur Nature 431 pp:145-146.
Follows the abstract: Crocodilians and Birds show extensive parental care of
their young, but whether this behaviour evolved independently in these two
groups of living Archosaurs is unknown - in part because features of
parenting among related fossil groups such as Dinosaurs are unclear. A
dramatic specimen of the small Ornithischian Dinosaur Psittacosaurus sp.
(Dalian Natural History Museum D2156) from Liaoning in China reveals a
single adult clustered with 34 juveniles within an area of 0.5 square
metres, providing strong evidence for post-hatching parental care in

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