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Re: New work on running biomech by Hutchinson

> Based on these models, the adult T. rex would not make a good
> "fast runner" (fast running is defined in these papers as a Froude number
> of ~17, which scaled to MOR 55 would mean 20 m/s).

Which in turn, when multiplied with 3.6, turns out to be 72 km/h. So... if
it doesn't catch the jeep in JP I, it isn't running _fast_ yet. :o)

> All the other specimens seem to have been
> fairly good fast runners. Hutchinson still regards a speed of >11 m/s in
> full grown T. rex as rather unlikley, but between 5-11 m/s not out of the
> realm of possibility but requiring further study. At Froude = 17, the
> Coelophysis would be moving at 8-9 m/s, and the small tyrannosaur at 11-14
> m/s (the current upper ranges of footprint-based speeds).

m/s   km/h
 5     18
 8     28.8
 9     32.4
11     39.6
14     50.4

Beware of small tyrannosaurs then.

> The data also suggest that Dinornis was a decent runner,
> rather than a slower mover (as other moas probably were).