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Re: New review of bird origins and evolution in Naturwissenschaften

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Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 5:33 PM

> The online version of Naturwissenschaften has posted a
> prepublication online article that reviews recent work on
> Mesozoic birds and related dinosaurs.  I could only access
> the text in html form, not pdf.

The pdf will be uploaded when then print version will appear. It's the same
with Julia Clarke's AMNH bulletin paper, which appeared here
http://diglib1.amnh.org/bulletins/i0003-0090-286-01-0001.pdf two days ago.

(While I am at it... the holotype of *Ichthyornis anceps* consists only of a
carpometacarpus. I haven't read most of the paper yet, but it could end up
as a nomen dubium -- or as a large, 2nd species of *I.* that would include
the former *I. victor*.)