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Re: Largest Dinosaurs (combined answer)

>   _ñ_ is usually transcribed as "ni" or "ny" as far as I've seen.

That depends. Uña in Spain turns up with gn in the specific epithet of some
Cretaceous conifer from there.

> In French, the "ny" sound is approximated as "ng,"

Gn, you mean. Bretagne... Dordogne... mignon... Same for Italian. Portuguese
and Occitan have nh, Catalan ny for the same.

> whereas in Greek this
> is "gk" or the like, gamma being something of a semi-vowel.

No, that gamma is pronounced ng.

Many thanks for http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/ancient/neuquen.htm!

>  As for MOR 55, it's MOR 555 (typo above), the "Wankel rex."

Oh. I already wondered... :-]