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Re: New work on running biomech by Hutchinson

On Friday, September 10, 2004, at 10:47  AM, Jordan Mallon wrote:

From: Amtoine Grant <ajgrant@eastlink.ca>

I'm not keen on exactly what a Froude or MOR number is, so basically what I'd like to know is why would it be multiplied by 3.6 for the adult Tyrannosaur?

Well, Dr. Holtz already explained what the Froude number was (Fr = v^2/gh) in a previous post. MOR simply refers to a specimen at the Museum of the Rockies, in this case, a _T. rex_ specimen. And 3.6 is simply a conversion factor used to go from m/s to km/h:
m/s x 1km/1000m x 3600s/1h = 3.6

Okay. I've just skimmed through this discussion and I don't think the actual m/s figure has been mentioned for T-Rex, just a mention of Froude 17(I think). So what were the m/s figures for Coelophysis, Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus, Allosaurus, Velociraptor & Archaeopteryx?