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Lonchognathosaurus acutirostris

A new dsungaripteroid pterosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of the southern 
Basin, north-west China

Michael W. Maischa, Andreas T. Matzkea, Ge Sunb

A new dsungaripteroid pterosaur, Lonchognathosaurus acutirostris gen. et sp. 
is erected for the anterior part of a skull from the Lower Cretaceous Lianmuxin
Formation (Upper Tugulu Group) of Liuhonggou, near Urumqi, in the southern 
Basin (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, People?s Republic of China). It is
distinguished from other dsungaripteroids by its straight and delicate 
rostrum, the presence of only eight teeth in each maxilla, of which the
posteriormost is the smallest, and a tooth row that ends anterior to the 
nasopraeorbitalis. A phylogenetic analysis of the Dsungaripteroidea based on
characters indicates that Lonchognathosaurus is the sister taxon of 
It is demonstrated that the Germanodactylidae is most probably a paraphyletic
assemblage of basal, Jurassic dsungaripteroids. The genus Germanodactylus is
probably paraphyletic as well.

Cretaceous Research -- (2004) 1?10.