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Re: DinosaurAH!torium

Dear List,

    I am truly surprised that this article was published so quickly. Even
more so that it was on the DML before I knew it had been run.

    The reporter was pretty fast and loose with not only the spelling of
Megaptosaurus ( big dead lizard ) and my last name, spelled correctly and
incorrectly throughout the blurb, but there is no such "Echoes Dinosaur
Park". It's Eccles, as in The Doloris Eccles Fine Arts Building, on the
Dixie Campus, Three yards from this guy's office.The Eccles Foundation is
one of the primary grant givers in Utah for arts and science.
    I had no idea that the press was going to be there when I was in Saint
George on Friday. As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad press,
just bad spellers.
    Speaking of Saint George, Our Annual Friends of Paleontology meeting is
going to coincide with  the Triassic Jurassic Boundry symposium and Art show
this next March. Sell a body part if you have to, but make the trip. I have
been "volunteered" to help with the art show, so I can start fielding
questions at this year's SVP.
    On Friday, I was able to see more theropod back of the lower leg prints,
and the famous butt print. It shows the theropod sitting down, briefly
getting up and re adjusting itself, sitting down again, getting up and
walking another hundred yards, out of the formation. It also has a slight
tail drag.
    The land was recenyly donated across the street from the Tracksite, and
they have even more amazing discoveries that I am not allowed to mention
yet. The tracksites may go on for miles, though.
    I definately agree, that Jerry Harris is going to be a great asset to
this endeavor and Saint George in general. We go way back. He was my
technical adviser on the 1/24th scale Acrocanthosaurus/ tenontosaurus
sculpture that I did seven years ago.

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> At 04:05 PM 9/12/2004, npharris@umich.edu wrote:
> >Yes, congratulations, Jerry!
> >
> >Just one question:  what the heck is a "Megatosaurus"?  Is it supposed to
> >be _Megalosaurus_?  Since when did _Megalosaurus_ live in southern Utah?
> I assumed it was a stab at Megapnosaurus.  They are scale and
> was bigger.  Fits the area, too.
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