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Rayososaurus and the authorship of Rebbachisauridae

I don't know if someone answered to you but
Rebbachisauridae was first used by Bonaparte, J.F.,
1996. Cretaceous tetrapods of Argentina. In: Pfeil,
Arratia, G. (Eds.), Contributions of Southern South
America to Vertebrate Paleontology. Munchner
Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen,Reihe A, Geologie
und Palaontolie 30, pp. 73-130.
By the way, he names in that paper Rayososaurus, an
APTIAN rebbachisaurid (if they exist and are nothing
but basal diplodocoids)known ONLY by scapula, a very
broken femur and some scraps of bone. The scapula is
obviously rebbachisaurid but different enough from all
the other rebbs, including tessonei, nigersaurus and
other stuff. So be aware about the custom recently
imposed by Jeff Wilson in mixturing Rayoso, the guy
from the Aptian of the Rayoso Fm. with
"Rebbachisaurus" tessonei, with the  Upper Cenomanian
or even Turonian from El Chocon area, Candeleros and
Huincul Fm. THey are morphologically different and far
in time.

 --- Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> escribió: 
> Further to my question about Apatosaurinae, does
> anyone know whether
> the family and/or clade Rebbachisauridae has been
> used in print?
> References will be much appreciated.  Thanks.
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