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Re: Pycnonemosaurus

Graeme Worth (gmbra@it.net.au) wrote:

<I'm having difficulty pinpointing the location of Pycnonemosaurus. I have
 not seen a copy of the paper and am relying on postings to this list,
where the location was given as Paolo Creek, Fazenda Roncador ranch, Mato
Grosso  state, Brazil. In all my searches I have only been able to find 1
Fazenda  Roncador, which is in Sao Paolo state, nowhere near Mato Grosso,
and 1  other possible site of just Roncador, which is closer, being in
Mato Grosso do Sul.>

  No map of the locality was provided in the paper. The locality is only
as described, save for that it is listed including the owner, Max de
Barros Erhart.


Jaime A. Headden

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