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Re: really big question

From: Cliff Green <dinonaut@emerytelcom.net>

However, I still don't think everyone exactly got my point. The
pelecanimimus discription, provided By Ralph Miller says that birds where
found on the site with feather impressions. Fish where found with scale and
internal tissue preservation. Pelecanimimis was found with skin, tissue, and
keritaneous preservation, and no, repeat no plumage impressions. Saying that
with all the other animals at the site having this amazing amount of
preservation, and Pelicanimimis's feathers not showing up because of bad
preservation is at best, miraculous.

I guess the big question is whether EVERY bird and EVERY fish found at the site preserves feathers or scales. If just one bird, for example, was preserved without feathers, it presents the possibility that maybe the supposed feathers of _Pelecanimimus_ weren't preserved either.
Just taught (as in I taught I taw a puddy tat).

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