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Re: 2001 [...] SVP Abstracts

No idea where the pdf might be, but I have it on paper, so...

I think "diplodocid" is just a typo for "diplodocoid".

"Although numerous cranial features related to herbivory distinguish
Sauropoda from its sister-taxon, Prosauropoda, relatively few herbivorous
specializations have been to recorded [sic] that differentiate sauropod
subgroups. Recent discovery of well preserved remains of a new Cretaceous
diplodocid, *Nigersaurus taqueti*, revealed the presence of a tooth
batteries [sic] in upper and lower jaws. These batteries are characterized
by enhanced tooth replacement, increase in the number of tooth positions,
absence of discrete alveoli, size differential between upper and lower
crowns, and markedly asymmetrical enamel thickness. Other features include
the extreme transverse width of the lower jaws, which extend lateral to the
side of the skull, and the transverse orientation of the entire dentary
tooth row.
    The skull is remarkably lightly constructed for a sauropod, in
particular for one with a fully-developed tooth battery. This advanced
dental condition is presaged in other diplodocids, which allows a general
reconstruction of the timing and stepwise evolution of this advanced
condition among diplodocoids. The timing of the evolution of dinosaurian
tooth batteries is reconsidered and compared to the timing of floral
replacement by angiosperms on land."