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What did Attila Ôsi find?

>From The Budapest Sun, September 16, 2004 - Volume XII, Issue 38 "Dinosaurs 
>with feathers? Naturally" by Eszter Balázs


"To the side of the feathery dino-exhibition in a glass cube is Hungary's own 
flying reptile, found in the Bakony mountain by 24-year old Ph. D. student 
Attila Ôsi."

"While digging in soil rich in fossils in 2000, he found the 30 cm long 
toothless jaws (looking deceptively like a beak), the very long neck vertebra 
typical to birds, and a part of the foot fingers of a 90-million year old 
beast. "

""It probably had a wing-span of 3.5-4 meters," the young discoverer said. The 
Bakony once had a subtropical climate where sudden rainfalls were frequent. One 
such rainfall and the subsequent flood swept away this animal, which floated on 
the surface then descended and was kept intact for 90 million years, he