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Re: What did Attila Ôsi find?

Quoting MKIRKALDY@aol.com:

> "To the side of the feathery dino-exhibition in a glass cube is Hungary's own
> flying reptile, found in the Bakony mountain by 24-year old Ph. D. student
> Attila Ôsi."
> "While digging in soil rich in fossils in 2000, he found the 30 cm long
> toothless jaws (looking deceptively like a beak), the very long neck vertebra
> typical to birds, and a part of the foot fingers of a 90-million year old
> beast. "
> ""It probably had a wing-span of 3.5-4 meters," the young discoverer said.
> The Bakony once had a subtropical climate where sudden rainfalls were
> frequent. One such rainfall and the subsequent flood swept away this animal,
> which floated on the surface then descended and was kept intact for 90
> million years, he explained."

Sounds like a pterosaur to me.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan