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Re: Advances in Vertebrate Paleontology "Hen to Panta"

> http://dml.cmnh.org/2001Feb/msg00768.html

I disagree, because both versions are in the original paper. So there is no
problem of emendation, just one of choosing.

Oopsie. Is the one famous occurrence without h in a caption? Then the above
is wrong. But the 2nd phenomenon still kicks in: The _editor_ is the author
of the spelling with h, _not_ Currie et al.. "*Richardoestesia gilmorei*
anonymous vide Currie, Rigby & Sloan 1990".

> http://dml.cmnh.org/2002Jul/msg00559.html

Because there is no opportunity for choosing, no First Revisor is needed. I
haven't seen a convincing rebuttal to