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RE: [darren.naish@port.ac.uk: 52nd SVPCA meeting]

Mike Taylor wrote:

I leave it to him whether he wants to reveal the punchline in this
forum, or wait for it to be published.

With _Yaverlandia_ removed from the Pachycephalosauria, this clade is now solely represented in North America and eastern Asia (unless _Stenopelix_ is a pachy; but _Majungatholus_ and _Taveirosaurus_ are not.)

BTW, other SVPCA papers sink _Suchomimus_ into _Baryonyx_ as _B. tenerensis_; and restore _Tornieria_ as a valid genus, with _T. africana_ removed from the North American genus _Barosaurus_. Says Remes: "terrestrial faunal exchange between Laurasia and Gondwana during the Late Jurassic is considered improbable due to marine barriers." This provides additional support for the idea that _Giraffatitan_ and _Dysalotosaurus_ of the Tendaguru are valid genera, and are distinct from the Morrison genera _Brachiosaurus_ and _Dryosaurus_, respectively.


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