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Fw: Allosaur skin

I apologize for the repetition, here, but my previous post omitted the URL, so here we go again...

Now that I have the URL for the 2003 SVP Abstract Volume,

which is http://www.vertpaleo.org/meetings/VRPA2303supp_all.pdf,

I can refer interested parties to the abstract by Pinegar et al., "A juvenile allosaur with preserved integument from the basal Morrison Formation of central Wyoming," on pp. 87A/87B. Please note that if you wish to print this page out you will need to specify pp. 89-90 during printer setup.

Quoting the abstract:
"The left side of the body preserves a 30 cm squared skin impression consisting of small scales 2-3 mm in diameter. This suggests that juvenile allosaurs possessed scaly integument. This represents the most derived tetanuran to retain this character, otherwise present in more basal theropods such as _Carnotaurus_."

Actually, given a length estimate of 4 meters for the allosaur, _Allosaurus sp._, 30 sq. cm. isn't all that much skin.
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