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Re: really big question

Dear Jaime and List,

    An extraordinary amount of information has been compiled by list members
to discredit my theory on Pelecanimimis durmal covering. ( or the lack there
of ) I greatly appreciate everyone's input on this. However, I am sticking
to my  guns. I believe I am right, and that based on The simplest answer
probably being the correct one, that Pelicanimimis was as naked as a
jaybird, or at least a plucked jaybird.
     If another ostrich dinosaur fossil comes foreward plumed to the nines,
I will be more than happy to admit that my opinion is wrong. I will even buy
dinner for all of my frothy detractors at SVP.  ( Whichever SVP it happens
to be. )
    Intil then have a wonderful weekend.

Going to the State Fair Cliff
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>   I would like to point out another difficulty with applying Occam's Razor
> to Las Hoyas preservation. While it stands to reason that birds are
> feathered, there is one WELL preserved, and well-articulated bird that
> lacks any trace of integument, impressionary or otherwise:
> *Iberomesornis.* If all fossils are equal, it stands to reason this should
> as well, and represent the natural condition, as has been stated, as well
> as for *Pelecanimimus.* Evidence bears out that this is not the case, but
> that preservational artifacts are NOT universal in the same beds, but are
> happenstance, with some assumptions that can be tested. The testing shows
> that not all specimens preserve integument, not due to absence of
> integument, but to preservational artifact or bias. Thus, all things are
> NOT equal in preservation, and Occam's Razor doesn't apply.
>   Cheers,
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