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translating issues

thanks to everybody who helped me out so far

I'm only asking for translation this time, of the following creatures

Aegirosaurus leptospondylus
Brachypterygius mordax (short wing ??? )
Californosaurus perrini (Perrin's californian lizard? whoever perrin might
Caypullisaurus bonapartei (Bonaparte's ??? lizard)
Chaohusaurus geishanensis
Grippia longirostris (longbeaked ???)
Mikadocephalus gracilirostris
Mixosaurus cornalianus (??? mixed lizard)
Ophthalmosaurus icenicus (??? eyelizard)
Ophthalmosaurus discus (??? eyelizard)
Ophthalmosaurus monocharactus (eyelizard with solitary character?)
Phalarodon nordenskioeldii (??? from Nordenskjold?)
Suevoleviathan disinteger
Toretocnemus zitelli
Wimanius odontopalatus

oh and can I also ask for a tip:
I sometimes couldn't find any info on some of the misassigned species, what
should i do, leave them out of the misassigned species list until I find
what they really are, or just mention them without saying anything else
about them?