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Re: Advances in Vertebrate Paleontology "Hen to Panta"

> Even an inadverdent spelling by a printing error is attributed
> to the author, such as through a lapsus calami, or other form.

Let's cook up a hypothetical, exaggerated example. What if some malicious
editor had inserted a c into *Fukuiraptor* or *Fukuisaurus*, in order to put
eternal shame on the authors? What if he wouldn't have missed an occurrence
of the name, so that the spelling with c would be the only one occurring in
the paper? Would we really have to consider it valid? I think not.
        The editor in the real example was certainly not malicious. But the
principle stands -- Currie et al. are not the authors of the spelling with
h. We have an "inadvertent or printing error" here, and it must be
rectified; a First Revision is not supposed to occur.

> As for the editorial origin of this name, _prove it_.

I thought everyone, including the authors, agreed it was the editor?

> Using information within the publication,

That was not enough. It wouldn't be in my hypothetical example, and it isn't

AFAIK Currie et al. still have the opportunity to publish a correction like
Fraser et al. did for *Agnosphitys*
(http://dml.cmnh.org/2002Feb/msg00309.html) -- while Olshevsky never
actually had one.