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New ceratopsian described

Just got a shiny new copy of JVP in the mail today. . .a whole mess of great
articles (i.e., ones about ornithischians), along with some pterosaur- and
theropod-relevant ones, too.

I've only time to give a citation for the ceratopsian articles. . .

Chinnery, Brenda. 2004. Description of Prenoceratops pieganensis gen et sp.
nov. (Dinosauria: Neoceratopsia) from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana.
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 24(3): 572-590.

This guy is given as a sister taxon to a clade including Udanoceratops and
Leptoceratops, and all of these taxa nest together with Montanoceratops.
Unfortunately, Brenda doesn't figure a full reconstruction of the skull, but
all of the skull elements are nicely illustrated on their own.

In my brief skimming of the paper, it seems to be a nice and thorough
description of this critter. Cool stuff!

Chinnery, Brenda. 2004. Morphometric analysis of evolutionary trends in the
ceratopsian postcranial skeleton. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 24(3):

The long-awaited (for me, at least) publication of ceratopsian postcranial
morphometrics. Of course, she has the requisite commentary on ceratopsian
posture. . .on the side of a partially sprawled humerus for Triceratops.

There is supposed to be a whole mess of supplementary data on this one, but
they're not uploaded on the SVP website yet.

Back to work for me now. . .