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Re: Psittacosaurus adult found with 34 juveniles

I personally suspect that live birth is not possible for archosaurs because
the embryo gets its calcium from the eggshell. There are live-bearing
geckos, however, while other geckos have hard eggshells. Does someone know
if those shells are a necessary calcium source, too?

All the livebearing geckoes (Rhacodactylus trachyrhynchus of New Caledonia, Hoplodactylus & Naultinus of NZ) are of the diplodactyline clade which all (aside from the livebearers) lay soft, leathery eggs - these guys are probably more closely related to pygopod legless lizards than they are to other geckoes.

In the Australasian region at least, all geckoes that lay hard, calcareous eggs are gekkoines - none of which have ever produced a live-bearing reproductive strategy.

(yes Dave, I've given up on livebearing dinosaurs for Spec)

Brian Choo
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