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Caudipteryx papers

Good day dear DML members!

Could someone send me the following pdf papers:
JI, Q., Currie, P. Norell, M.A. & Ji, S.-A. (1998). Two feathered dinosaurs 
from northeastern China. Nature: 393-753.
Zhou, Z-H, Wang X-L, Zhang F-C, and Xu, X. (2000). Important features of 
Caudipteryx - Evidence from two nearly complete new specimens. Vertebrata 
PalAsiatica 38(4):241-254.
Zhou Z.-H. & Wang X.-L., (2000). "A new species of Caudipteryx from the Yixian 
Formation of Liaoning, northeast China," Vertebrata PalAsiatica 38(2): 111-127.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Gera Mirantsev
email: geramirantsev@mail.ru