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Re: Anatomical details

> > - Does *Hesperornis* have a pygostyle?
> > Is the end of the tail known at all?
> Yes.  Clarke (2002) says it's approximately two caudals in length.


> I find the caudal prezygapophyses quite visible in figure 13 of Czerkas
> Yuan (2002).  They are about 50-60% of the previous centrum's length.
> Similarly, the postzygapophyses seem to extend to the tip of the preceding
> vertebra's prezygapophysis.

That's right, I didn't see fig. 13... so I'll make a character state for it
and *Microraptor* (the only dromaeosaur in my matrix). Will be interesting
to find out if the base of the tree will become as messy as the middle part
(with Enantiornithes).