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Re: nomen conservandum

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay in this

In answer to question 2 below, the type specimen of
Cetiosauriscus stewarti is actually a decent pile of
bones.  Most of the tail, pelvic girdle, left
hindlimb, right forelimb and rib fragments.  I
presented on the specimen at SVP 2003 (Heathcote &
Upchurch), and do look out for a paper next year. 
Redescription of the type specimen and a phylogeny
incorporating C. stewarti into the Sauropoda.

I can't help much on question 3, but try the Upchurch
& Martin 2003 JVP article (I think - don't have it to
hand) for a starter on Cetiosaurus.  A Web Of Science
search for that paper should give you a list of papers
that have cited Upchurch & Martin, for any more
up-to-date work.

Hope this is of some help.  Normal service will be
resumed as soon as NTL deign to connect us!


Michael de Sosa <stygimoloch81@hotmail.com> wrote:Hey

Some of you may remember me from my sporadic posts
back when I was an 
undergrad at Cal (Go Bears!), most probably not. I'm
out of the field now 
(hey, I was a third author, that counts as being in
the field!) but still 
retain my childlike enthusiasm for dinosaurs and paleo
in general. Anyway, 
I'm back now after a couple months spent browsing the
archives. Lots has 
changed! But a lot stays the same, also. Anyway, as
you may have guessed 
from the fact that I'm talking right now, I want
something. At least, that's 
what my parents would think.

I know that in recent years a couple of familiar
dinosaur genera have been 
named nomen conservandum with neotypes by the ICZN,
because they were in 
danger of becoming nomina dubia because of crappy type
specimens or what 
have you... including Iguanodon (neotype: I.
bernissartensis) and 
Coelophysis (neotype: Ghost Ranch stuff), and
apparently, Cetiosauriscus 
(neotype: C. stewarti??).

I also heard that Cetiosaurus was being nominated with
C. oxoniensis as a 

So my questions are three:
1) Has the heroic ICZN come to the rescue of any other
2) What happened with Cetiosauriscus anyway?
3) Did they do anything with Cetiosaurus (not -iscus)
yet? Haven't found 
anything on this list to indicate they have. Is it at
least on the short 

Thanks loads,

Mike de Sosa

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