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Re: Giraffatitan (was Re: [darren.naish@port.ac.uk: 52nd SVPCAmeeting])

> Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 15:23:49 -0600
> From: Ken Carpenter <KCarpenter@dmns.org>
> > > > Having said that, I don't know if anyone has EXPLICITLY proposed the
> > > > name _Giraffatitan brancai_.
> > >
> > >... apart from George Olshevsky.
> I thought Greg Paul would jump in but he didn't, so.....
> Paul, G. 1988. The brachiosaur giants of the Morrison and Tendaguru
> with a description of a new subgenus, Giraffatitan, and a comparison
> of the world's largest dinosaurs. Hunteria 2(3):1-14

Hi, Ken.  The point was explicitly about whether "Giraffatitan" has
been formally proposed _as a genus_.  Greg Paul proposes it as a
_subgenus_, so he doesn't use _Giraffatitan brancai_, but
_Brachiosaurus (Giraffatitan) brancai_.  Although I am told that the
principle of coordination means that the erection of the subgenus
automatically implies the existence of the same-named genus, too.

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