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Re: Prenoceratops


Just published in JVP Vol 24, No.3: 572-590

Description of Prenoceratops pieganensis gen. et sp. nov. (Dinosauria:
Neoceratopsia) from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana   Brenda Chinnery

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Subject: Prenoceratops

> Hi everyone!
> I just came across the following on the Thescelosaurus! website:
> Prenoceratops pieganensis Chinney, 2004
> late Campanian (LK) of Montana
> Prenoceratops is a new basal neoceratopian, known from juvenile bonebed
> remains covering most of the skeleton (although only the skull has been
> described to date).  It seems to be close to Leptoceratops, although with
> longer frill and a longer, lower skull overall.  It comes from the Two
> Medicine Formation of Montana.
> Does anyone have any idea where's it published for example...or perhaps
> extra information?
> Thanks!
> Rutger