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New Paper (Redux)

Hi All -

Hey, thanks to everyone for all the requests for my new paper in _Anatomical Record_! (We'll see if everyone's still so excited after they read it...) I should make a clarification, however: sadly, I don't have any electronic copies of the paper yet. I'm presuming that an actual PDF of the final thing won't be issued until the December issue of the journal verges on release (that way the PDF will have the page numbers, etc.). At the moment, only the HTML version exists, and I can't even see what _that_ looks like because my current institution doesn't have electronic access to the journal! 8-O But I'm working on the problem via a couple of avenues. If/when I get a hold of the HTML version, I'll be happy to paste it all into an MS Word document and/or PDF file and send that around. I hope to have electronic access in a week or so, so I just ask a wee bit of patience. Thanks! Of course, said HTML version isn't exactly citable in the traditional sense, but you can certainly cite it using the DOI number until then.

Speaking of DOI numbers, I should have another paper out any day now in the _Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature_ (another one to which I don't have access at the moment) on the use of DOI numbers in the _Epidendrosaurus_/"_Scansoriopteryx_" case. It's supposed to be out in the September issue of the journal, but I don't know if that's been released yet or when it will be (if it hasn't). Anyone have a library with subscription to this?

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