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Re: The Dinosauria, second edition... how outdated will it be?

> Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 03:47:12 -0700
> From: Michael de Sosa <stygimoloch81@hotmail.com>
> I only started wondering this as I was reading Wilson & Upchurch
> (2003) on Titanosaurus. The paper briefly mentions nemegtosaurids as
> titanosaurs, but then offers Upchurch (1999) and Upchurch et al (in
> press) as "a dissenting view." Sure enough, in turns out that (in
> press) is the upcoming chapter in The Dinosauria! Yet I had heard
> that they now agreed on the placement of nemegtosaurs (on the list,
> of course, so maybe I should take it with a grain of salt). Does
> this mean Upchurch changed his mind again, or that the chapter (in
> press) is actually from 3-4 years ago? Or am I reading to much into
> this?

I spoke to Paul about the placement of nemegtosaurs at SVPCA.  He says
that in his most recent analysis (the one in press in _Dinosauria II),
they still pop out as basal diplodocoids, but that for other reasons
-- presumably biogeographical or temporal -- he is nevertheless now of
the opinion that they're titanosaurs.

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