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RE: The Dinosauria, second edition... how outdated will it be?

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> Michael de Sosa
> The original edition of The Dinosauria mentions in its Foreward that the
> editors began soliciting manuscripts in late 1984, received them all by
> early 1987, had them peer-reviewed in mid-1987, and received
> final drafts in
> early 1988. The original year of publication was in 1990 and an updated
> paperback edition was released in 1992, when some of the chapters
> were 5-6
> years old (at one point in the Sauropoda chapter, McIntosh
> anticipates Jaime
> Powell publishing his thesis... which is dated 1986).
> I was just wondering if that was going to be the case with the Second
> Edition (http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/2601001.html) as
> well. Will it
> be The Dinosauria As Known In 2000? I know it takes a long time
> to get stuff
> published (like the Sept 2004 Epachthosaurus paper in JVP which was
> submitted in 1998!) but does anybody know if it will it be a
> similar length
> of time as the original edition?

Yes, a comparable length of time will be represented.  Perhaps not QUITE so
long (my chapters include references that came out in 2003, albeit they were
still "in press" up until the point I got the page proofs).

To put some perspective on it, the Tyrannosauroidea chapter does not include
Aviatyrannis, which came out shortly after the last non-proof text revision.

Such is the way of book publishing.

Incidentally, I saw an add the other day for the 2005 2nd Edition of
Fastovsky & Weishampel's  textbook The Evolution and Extinction of
Dinosaurs. Should be interesting!!

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