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Re: Monotypic genera and the PhyloCode [was: Re: Lumping Spinosauridae Redux]

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--- Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu> wrote:

> Quoting "Jonathan R. Wagner" <jonathan.r.wagner@mail.utexas.edu>:
> > It has been proposed informally (by me) that monotypic genus names NOT be
> > converted under the PhyloCode. Such names could be used in an informal
> > sense (with quotation marks, an asterisk, or with a note somewhere in the
> > paper to that effect), basically as "placeholders" conferring access to the
> > literature.
> You mean like _"Suchomimus" tenerensis_ or _Baryonyx* walkeri_?
> Why not just have the "genus" name be _the_ name?

Because it is never really clear if it is monotypic or not.

For example, you might say _Baryonyx_ is monotypic, but others might consider
it to have two or even three species (_tenerensis_ and maybe _lapparenti_).
There are thousands of other examples (_Triceratops_? _Gorilla_?
_Pterodactylus_? _Tyrannosaurus_? etc.)

You can't objectively say that a genus is monotypic, so this cannot be a
straightforward method for conversion.

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