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Re: Monotypic genera and the PhyloCode

I think many people would agree with the idea that a name that traditionally refers to a species should be used for a species, and a name that has traditionally NOT been used for a species should NOT be used for a species. Regardless of how much easier it is to remember one or the other, swapping names between two different categories of taxa (clades and populations) is a pretty bad idea.

But for many fossil genera with only one known species, the generic name HAS traditionally been used for the species. A name like Minmi paravertebra is redundant, as it only refers to one population (actually only one *individual*). So assuming we do need to reduce the name of the population to a single term, a brief perusal of the literature will quickly demonstrate which name has traditionally been used, over and over again, to describe the population, both in the text of papers and in phylogenetic diagrams. The name *paravertebra* is used maybe once, just for appearances, if at all. After that it's all *Minmi* this and *Minmi* that.

I guess I don't see the point of making a name *less* precise and then attaching a citation or a marker to make it *more* precise again, or of putting the generic name in quotes in front of the species name to "confer access to the literature" when you can just use the generic name which is actually *used* in the literature and save yourself some time in cross-referencing. But I see you have different priorities and your reasoning makes sense in that context. *shrug*

Mike D.

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