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Sunday, 26 september 2004, the official opening of my site.

Finally, I have opened it to the public, I think it's ready for it.
There's still a lot of work to be done, and it will be better in the future,
but version 1.0 isn't bad in my humble opinion.

this is the URL: http://home.tiscali.be/ichthyosaurus

(I still have to work on some of the scrollbars, the *.stm and *.shtm to get
the red texts out, and the where and when part is only a when part so far,
since I don't have mesozoic maps (preferably mercator projection).)

Just to let you know, if you use msn explorer: I encountered the following
bugs (it works as it should on IE, don't worry): the scrollbars haven't got
the intended colours (in fact they're nearly invisible), the fullscreens
aren't fullscreen at all, just hit F11 to solve this, and complex
e-mail-url's don't always link correctly, but I have solved this one I

Anyway, have fun, I hope you'll like it ;-D