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Re: Jane, Nanotyrannus Project

 j_mallon@hotmail.com (Jordan Mallon) writes:

<< Haven't seen this mentioned on-list yet.  Seems there's a new project 
underway to produce a(nother) documentary-style program featuring "Jane", 
the Nanotyrannus. >>


<< Looking comparatively bad to me, so far.  Hope they can improve on the 
animation a little.  There's a nice load of reference pics here, though: 

http://workspace.accad.ohio-state.edu/Projects/Jane/webpages/index.php >>

       Looks like junk to me. Since I don't see any artist credits, I have to 
wonder if the reference page copyrights have been taken into consideration. 
Maybe the Beagle Boys are at it again? DV