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Re: 8th Annual Dinosaur Mailing List Get-together

Hi Mary,

Sorry I haven't gotten back with you until now. Our lives have blurred into 
one giant "to do" list after moving into our new place in late August, and I've 
gotten away from my usual routine of checking my e-messages every day. I 
would of course like to attend the Breakfast, and I really appreciate your 
thoughtful follow-up reminder.

Turi and I are now living on a small farm just outside of Dallas, OR, about 
26 mi. west of where we were in Salem, and in addition to fixing up the house 
itself we've been converting a used singlewide mobile we moved onto the 
property into a new studio, requiring its own water, electrical and phone 
Although a small property the farm has no less than about 100 oak trees dotting 
the hills, some forming a tiny forest, above the pasture, and at night acorns 
have been bombarding the roof as Fall begins. Judging from the wealth of 
birds, insects and other life it hasn't been disturbed for decades, and one 
we went to sleep to a chorus of yips and wails provided by a late-evening party 
of coyotes, sweet music to our citified ears.

Here is our new phone #  (our mailing address, below, is still the same) in 
case you or someone else on the List wants to contact me: Looking forward to 
seeing you in Denver!

Best Wishes,

Mark Hallett
4742 Liberty Road South, #175
Salem, OR  97302  USA
phone: (503) 831-1164
fax: (503) 831-1544
e-mail: <marksabercat@aol.com>
website: www.hallettpaleoart.com