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Re: New publications

I did'nt have any problems at all downloading the pdf file. I tried once
more with the link in this mail.
I allways click on pdf-links using the right button on the mouse and then
choose 'save target as'. Once safe on my harddisk I open the file.
For one reason or another I often get error messages if I click on pdf links
with the left button, trying to open the file before downloading it.

Jan C. van Dijk
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From: "Nick Pharris" <npharris@umich.edu>
To: <tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: New publications

> Quoting Tommy Tyrberg <tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com>:
> > The Abstract book of the 2nd WEAVP is now available at:
> > http://eavp.alettra.de/abstracts/2ndWEAVPabstracts.pdf
> Was anyone able to download this?  I keep getting error messages when I
try to
> open it.
> Nick Pharris
> Ph.D. Candidate
> Department of Linguistics
> University of Michigan