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Am I the only SVPer who hasn't got his JVP 24(3) yet?; and American red pandas


See subject line.  Also, the material from that issue is not yet online
(either at BioOne or at the SVP site).

I know that Andrew Farke got his copy almost two weeks ago...

Any way, please respond directly to me: I don't know that the whole list
need know about this.

Take care,

P.S. The latest Nature has the following article, for those who like cute
fluffy animals:
Wallace, S.C. & X. Wang. 2004. Two new carnivores from an unusual late
Tertiary forest biota in eastern North America Nature 431: 556-559.

Describes the (dental only) material for _Pristinailurus bristoli_ (the
oldest and most primitive known red panda) and _Arctomeles dimolodontus_ (an
American member of the Eurasian badger lineage) from the late Miocene/early
Pliocence of Washington Co., Tennessee.

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