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RE: Monotypic genera and the PhyloCode

Quoting Teoslola <bkazmer39@yahoo.com>:

> > > > If we're going to get rid of binominals, I think
> the best way to do it is to have a straightforward way
> of converting a binominal into a  "uninominal" that
>  encodes the same information. >>>
> Just a simple question in all of this "uninominal"
> prattle.

Oh.  Please let me make it clear that I like the binominal system just fine the
way it is.  I only suggested the "uninominal" system as an alternative to using
naked species names or species names plus attributions.

It's just that most binomina are noun phrases, and the actual head noun of the
phrase is the genus name, not the species.  I don't know why it bothers me so
much.  It's not because I'm a linguist; most of the linguists I know wouldn't
care, either.

Nick Pharris
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan