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Re: Why did only avians survive?

> > No. Current paradigma holds that we simply don't
> > know because there are
> > _far_ too few fossils. _Extremely_ few
>  Poor choice of words.

No. We don't even have any clue if the bird extinction was gradual or

> > There exists an idea
>   Funny English. :)

Mmm... yes, it sounds rather poetic. Thanks. :-)

>   Didn't Stidham and Hope mention numerous neornithine
> shorebirds?

"Numerous"? About ten crumbs of "transitional shorebirds"... which again
means generalists and/or inhabitants of freshwater ecosystems.

> > freshwater ecosystems were the least damaged of
> > all because their food
> > webs often don't start with living plants.
>   But what about heat and ejecta?  IIRC at least one
> study concluded they can't even survive acid rain.

Really? Flowing water doesn't stay contaminated for long, so I'd expect
freshwater ecosystems (except isolated lakes) to be much less affected by
acid rain, leached poisonous metal ions and the like than the top layers of
the sea.
        But anyway. Freshwater clams didn't fare well, all of North
America's freshwater chondrichthyans died out, gars and lungfish died out in
most of the world... it's not like nothing happened to freshwater