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Get your degree fast at DML University!

Slogging along without a degree? Want to read real science papers instead of tacky abstracts? Think you're a scholar but no one else does? An exclusive new benefit for Dinosaur Mailing List subscribers is the Ph.DML program. In just a few days, you can be a degreed paleontologist and enjoy the fame, riches, and adventure heaped on members of the digging glitterati. Jump to the top of employment short lists! Picture Dr. in front of your name--with no class work or dissertation required. Publish papers, appear on tv, commune with your new peers. No more nomen nudum for you!

Life experience counts; if you have a life, you can get our degree. Already have a degree? Our Ph.DMLogeny program grants you tenure, your own journal and a museum. Turn your finds into traveling exhibits!

Apply today and we will include the M.DML and J.DML degrees at no extra cost!

Mary Kirkaldy
Guidance Counselor
Dinosaur Mailing List University