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Re: Get your degree fast at DML University! (joke)


DML University motto: "You may already be a scholar!"

> Slogging along without a degree? Want to read real science papers
> instead of tacky abstracts? Think you're a scholar but no one else
> does? An exclusive new benefit for Dinosaur Mailing List subscribers is
> the Ph.DML program. In just a few days, you can be a degreed
> paleontologist and enjoy the fame, riches, and adventure heaped on
> members of the digging glitterati. Jump to the top of employment short
> lists! Picture Dr. in front of your name--with no class work or
> dissertation required. Publish papers, appear on tv, commune with your
> new peers. No more nomen nudum for you!
> Life experience counts; if you have a life, you can get our degree.
> Already have a degree? Our Ph.DMLogeny program grants you tenure, your
> own journal and a museum. Turn your finds into traveling exhibits!
> Apply today and we will include the M.DML and J.DML degrees at no extra
> cost!
> Mary Kirkaldy
> Guidance Counselor
> Dinosaur Mailing List University