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Re: *Fruitafossor*

JAH <<Does it have epipubes? I bet it does... and I bet palaeanodonts

DM: <<I can only hazard a guess that any rootward member of the crown
Eutheria is more likely to retain epipubes than stemward, given their
retention in "basal" eutherians like *Eomaia* ...and *Zalambdalestes* and

It got me wondering whether it had epipubic bones, or not.  A quick check at
the Supplementary Online Material (p.34) means I can keep wondering:

"218. Epipubic bone:
(0) Present; (1) Absent.
Fruitafossor windscheffeli: (?) Unknown."

I thought I might as well mention it, should anybody have had a similar
question in mind.  (This has been a heck of a year for Meso mammals.  I
wonder what's going turn up next.)

Mesozoic Eucynodonts
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