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Re: Plesiorycteropus and Apheliscinae part 2

Hey, great! I'm supposed to give a little talk about advances in mammal phylogeny tomorrow...! :-)

Note that even with 196 characters, morphological analyses just group
ecotypes.  Pangolins group with anteaters, flying lemurs with bats,
ungulates, lipotyphlans.

And New World porcupines group with Old World porcupines instead of with guinea pigs and capybaras.

My constraint tree was-
  |  |  |--Proboscidea
  |  |  `--Sirenia
  |  `--+--Tubulidentata
  |     |--Tenrecidae
  |     |--Chrysochloridae
  |     `--Macroscelidea

Some molecular trees do get the aardvark on the other side (forming Pseudungulata with Paenungulata -- yay). All get Tenrecidae and Chrysochloridae as sistergroups, but that came out anyway...

           |  `--+--Suidae
           |     `--+--Ruminantia
           |        `--+--Hippopotamidae
           |           `--Cetacea

Chiroptera always comes out outside a clade of the other three.

This resulted in 18 mpt's (1210 steps), of which the consensus was-
  |  `--Zalambdalestes

So they stay outside the crown group! :-)

        |  |  |--+--Tupaia
        |  |  |  `--Anagale

Are any postcrania known for *Anagale*?

              |  `--+--Felis
              |     `--Canis
                 |  `--+--Equus
                 |     `--Tapirus
                    |  |  `--Nycteris
                    |  `--+--Pteropus
                    |     `--Rousettus

Chiroptera inside Euungulata! Argh!!! How does that work?!?