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Re: Pronunciation Database

On 5/4/05 7:36 pm, "Mike Taylor" <mike@miketaylor.org.uk> wrote:

>> Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 19:09:54 -0400
>> From: Tyler Kerr <tylerkerr@comcast.net>
>> I find myself constantly butchering various dinosaur names on almost
>> a daily basis. Does anyone know of an online database that provides
>> the pronunciation of the name as well as the facts?
 in many
> cases there seems to no consensus over which pronunciation is correct:
> for example, I have heard _Deinonychus_ pronounced as both
> Die-no-NIKE-us and Di-NON-i-chus.
    I'd like to note, too, that scientific names are regulated only with an
eye to written communication, not spoken communication. So there isn't such
a thing as an 'official' pronunciation of names. For instance, for reasons
of etymology, I personally would prefer to pronounce 'Triceratops'
'Tri-ke-ra-tops', rather than the probably more common (at least in
English-speaking countries) 'Tri-sere-a-tops'. Ultimately, either option is
okay. The only requirement is that other people know what you're talking
    Butcher away :-).


        Christopher Taylor