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NEW ISSUE www.PalArch.nl

I suspect most of you have already seen this, but just in case:

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Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 23:38:39 -0600
From: "Beatty, Brian Lee" <blbeatty@ku.edu>
Subject: NEW ISSUE www.PalArch.nl
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Dear colleagues,

The new issue of www.PalArch.nl is online (official publishing date is
1 April 2005) with 3 papers on vertebrate palaeontology
Panadés I Blas, X. 2005. Diversity versus variability in Megaloolithid
dinosaur eggshells. - PalArch, series vertebrate palaeontology 2, 1:
Everhart, M.J. 2005. Bite marks on an elasmosaur (Sauropterygia;
Plesiosauria) paddle from the Niobrara Chalk (Upper Cretaceous) as
probable evidence of feeding by the lamniform shark, Cretoxyrhina
mantelli. - PalArch, series vertebrate palaeontology 2, 2: 14-24.
Signore, M., E.M. Bucci, C. Pede & C. Barbera. 2005. A new
ichthyodectid fish from the Lower Cretaceous of Pietraroja (Southern
Italy). - PalArch, series vertebrate palaeontology 2, 3: 25-30.
1 paper on archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology
Tomorad, M. 2005. The Egyptian antiquities in Croatia. - PalArch,
series archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 2, 1: 1-33.
and various book reviews

Furthermore, the Newsletter with all details on the publications, news
on the activities on the PalArch Foundation and various other items
(Der 'Saurierfriedhof' am Tendaguru. Auf den Spuren einer fast
vergessenen Ausgrabungsexpedition in Tansania by U. Oberli; Andrey
Atuchin. An impression; The Allard Pierson Museum, the Archaeological
Museum of the University of Amsterdam by W. van Haarlem and Egypt in
photographs by Z. Kosc) is online as well (see
http://www.palarch.nl/Non_scientific/newslettermember.htm). To open
this file you have to use a password provided with membership.

PS Please, notice our 'Call for papers and monographs' at

Thank you!
Brian Lee Beatty
Managing Editor, Vertebrate Palaeontology Section (American Branch) 
Division of Vertebrate Paleontology 
The University of Kansas
Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center 
1345 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045-7561 U.S.A. 
office# (785) 832 1753 
fax# (785) 864 5335 
email: blbeatty@ku.edu <mailto:blbeatty@ku.edu> 
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