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Fossil Legends

Many of you have generously shared your expert knowledge and field experiences in reply to my sporadic queries over the past 7 years. My research for a book on Native American discoveries and interpretations of all kinds of fossils, from stone shells and petrified wood to mammoth tusks and dinosaur bones was truly rewarding and surprising. The fossil finds, legends, and uses of more than 45 tribes in the New World, from the Aztecs to the Zuni, are featured in the book, and more than 30 states, plus Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador are represented. There are 6 maps and 89 illustrations, with many photos and drawings contributed by list members. Pete Von Sholly did the wonderful painting on the cover, inspired by the classic Turok comics and the Sioux myth of the Thunderbird vs Water Monsters.

I couldn't have done it without you! My notes acknowledge the valuable help of a great many list members.

Fossil Legends of the First Americans
by Adrienne Mayor
(Princeton University Press, 2005)

Now available in bookstores and online from Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and the Princeton University Press website:


(which has a sample chapter about early Native American discoveries at Big Bone Lick)

Further info at the following websites:



Thanks everybody!
(apologies for cross-posting)