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ICZN surprise

The following "nomenclatural notes" appeared on p. 383 of Senckenbergiana lethaea 84(1/2) (30 December 2004):

(*italics*, _bold_)


Martin Basse: Nomenklatorische Emendation von Taxa aus Publikationen des Autors [Nomenclatorial emendation of taxa from publications by the author]

Translation of the entire text:

"The following species and subspecies names from publications by the author or with his contribution are hereby corrected (adapted to the nomenclatorial gender of the respective genus name; justified emendation sensu ICZN 151):

*Scutellum flabelliferum endorfensis* Basse 1996 *Scutellum flabelliferum _endorfense_* Basse 1996
*Otarion (Aulacopleura) letmathensis* Basse & Lemke 1996 *Otarion (A.) _letmathense_* Basse & Lemke 1996
*Gudralisium gruenensis* Basse 1998 *Gudralisium _gruenense_* Basse 1998
*Dechenella pruemense* Basse 2002 *Dechenella _pruemensis_* Basse 2002
*Lauchellum gerolsteinensis* Basse 2002 *Lauchellum _gerolsteinense_* Basse 2002
*Tolkienia? wiltzense* Basse 2003 *Tolkienia? _wiltzensis_* Basse 2003
*Rheingoldium feldbergensis* Basse 2003 *Rheingoldium _feldbergense_* Basse 2003
*Gudralisium lindlarensis* Basse 2003 *Gudralisium _lindlarense_* Basse 2003"

Thomas M. Kaiser, R. L. Bernor, J. L. Franzen, R. Scott & N. Solounias: *Hippotherium kammerschmittae* n. sp. instead of *Hippotherium kammerschmitti* Kaiser, Bernor, Franzen, Scott, & Solounias 2003

Entire text, English in the original:

"The Derivatio nominis 'Named after Maria Kammerschmitt' (Kaiser et al. 2003) requests this correction according to ICZN Article 31.1.2. *Hippotherium kammerschmittae* n. sp. is substituted for *Hippotherium kammerschmitti*."


So... it looks like *Sinovenator changii*, *Halimornis thompsoni* and so on can and must still be emended even under the 2000 version of the ICZN. :-) :-) :-)