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Re: Hummingbird -- the littlest dinosaur!

And if turtles are lepidosauromorphs or archosauromorphs, then
_Reptilia_ sensu Gauthier becomes exactly the same clade as _Sauria_
(within _Sauropsida_).

Not if we accept this emendation:

Sean P. Modesto & Jason S. Anderson: The Phylogenetic Definition of Reptilia, Systematic Biology 53(5), 815 -- 821 (I think October 2004)

"the most inclusive clade containing *Lacerta agilis* Linnaeus 1758 and *Crocodylus niloticus* Laurenti [sic] 1768, but not *Homo sapiens* Linnaeus 1758"
(p. 819)

That's a synonym of Sauropsida. The authors know this -- and like Reptilia better than Sauropsida because the former name is more widely used (although in a different meaning!). The paper contains further peculiar statements, like the following (p. 818):

"The removal of 'pelycosaurs' and therapsids (the 'mammal-like reptiles' of previous parlance) from Reptilia was accepted long ago because these taxa clearly form a lineage (leading to mammals) separate from the other groups of amniotes [...]."

Plenty of zoologists, including herpetologists, have never heard of the phylogenetic definition of Reptilia, and I bet that most that have heard of it hate it (and all phylogenetic nomenclature with it)! "Long ago"? Like "minus twenty years ago"?